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The Durrant Associates LLC advantage is that we not only establish and support a fusion nexus for operational over sight but in fact assist in the security planning and operations support of our valued clientele on a daily basis. This unique process includes the level of veracity that is required to effectively identify, react, de-conflict, and recover our clientele during a crisis situation. “The key is to maintain situational advantage, accountability, communications, and direct assistance to the first responders”.


Upon request, Durrant Associates LLC will evaluate potential threats, provide pro-active security solutions, monitor activity, and react to crisis situations; to include providing the appropriate stopgaps that better ensure the safety of our dignitaries and their family during daily activities both at home and during their active daily schedule.


The Process is supported by:


  • Highly experienced security professionals that provide pre-emptive, pro-active, and reactive security solutions

  • Our personnel have un-paralleled regional experience and situation awareness

  • Durrant Associates LLC 24-hour crisis action support is the epitome of security assistance for our valued dignitaries. This level of operational oversight is defined by the fact that the adversary never sleeps nor does the Durrant Associates LLC operational support mechanism. It continuously evaluates developing threats, coordinates with support mechanisms, and maintains positive accountability of the clientele.

  • Durrant Associates LLC has on hand through its valued partners a myriad of land, air, and sea electronic accountability devices that can be monitored at any established operations center; to include the capability of supporting the establishment of additional operations stations at home, in a business, or at the national level in support of the Ministry of Interior or Ministry of Defense common national operating picture. This common operating picture supports internal and external security issues.


The implied Durrant Associates LLC mission is to evaluate threats on a daily basis, keep the client informed of potential threats, account for the clients location during a pre-determined basis, protect the client if required, react to crisis situations from a centralized or de-centralized command center, coordinate with first responders, plan the extraction of the client, and provide medical attention if required through our extremely robust and catered capability. 


Durrant Associates LLC also offers support in the areas of:


  • Physical Site Security for US and Host National Facilities

  • Cyber Security Internationally

  • Political/Stability Risk Analysis

  • General Security Risk Analysis

  • Strategic National level Security Assessments

  • Tactical National Security Assessments

  • Continuity of Government Security Assessments

  • Transnational Terrorist Threat analysis

  • Security Training for Personal Security Details

  • Advance Skills Training for Threat Mitigation

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