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At Durrant Associates LLC we continuously analyze, evaluate, and de-conflict open source information as we collect and ingest the information in to multiple common operating pictures. Durrant Associates LLC unique OSBI incorporates the full gambit of commercial intelligence, competition intelligence and of course business intelligence in order to react to the ever shifting nature of our clients needs and their geographic dispersion both laterally and vertically.


At Durrant Associates LLC we fully understand that todays threats are rapidly changing and geographically diffused. Durrant Associates LLC pulls its data from relevant and reliable vetted sources and methods offered by vast amount of raw public data. The Durrant Associates LLC difference is that we are able to digest and diffuse large pools of data by leveraging highly experienced personnel that can paint a picture of the situation in order to predict, prevent, and provide relevancy to the situation. 


Below are examples of public sector OSBI support:


  • Risk & Threat Analysis (Political, Environmental, Criminal, Terrorism)

  • Regional & Country Specific Assessment Surveys

  • Safe Haven & Pattern of Life Discovery

  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Detection

  • Internally Deployed Information Networks and Assets

  • Counter Threat Finance

  • Discrete Operational Intelligence Support

  • Red Team Due Diligence

  • Intelligence Life Cycle Auditing and Process Improvement

  • Corporate Espionage

  • Theft of Intellectual Property (Gray Market due Diligence)

  • Competition Analysis

  • Employee Vetting

  • Personal Travel Programs and Monitoring (See Geo-Spatial Accountability)


Due to the sensitive nature of Durrant Associates LLC OSBI process, please feel free to contact a OSBI representative for additional information.

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