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Durrant Associates LLC specializes in conducting full spectrum business security and home office security support. As we all know, conducting business security in developing countries presents a number of unique and difficult challenges for Chief Security Officers (CSO) and risk managers, especially for foreign-held companies working in potentially high-risk, high-threat areas of the world, where currently the growth and profit potentials are now rising at a substantial rate. 


Of particular interest is the provision of relevant, timely and business-integrated risk information to allow senior decision makers to make properly informed decisions regarding the risk posture of their company personnel, assets and intellectual property in order to determine if the potential advantages of continuation of their business in such an environment is worth the risk exposure being undertaken by the company.


Durrant Associates LLC provides clients with an independent integrated intelligence assessments and security services packages regarding the business and security climate in general and its effects concerning specific ongoing over seas business operations.  The goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive overall risk environment picture covering the three major areas of risk exposure affecting their holdings in this country ranging from the macro to micro level. 


Durrant Associates LLC Conducts Political, Economical, and Stability Risk Assessments, to include:


  • Identify Economic growth potential

  • Evaluate the Integrity of political and governmental processes and interactions

  • Examination of the rule of law within the country

  • Assessment of political factions within the country and the impact on public/economic policy

  • Currency stability and effects of monetary and financial policy

  • Focus on short and long term impacts on foreign-held companies and assets

  • Recognize the Impact of organized crime on the prevailing business environment

  • Evaluate the level of political unrest and activities of rebel /anti-government groups

  • Identify the relative costs of doing business throughout the region

  • Identify the effects of and nature of regulations on movement of foreign personnel, assets and logistics


Durrant Associates LLC Provides General Security Risk Assessment:


  • Identify the level of endemic crime and analysis of the criminal trends and targeting of victims

  • Recognize the level and nature of political violence and social/civil upheavals

  • Assess the level and impacts of domestic and transnational terrorism on individuals and host nation quality of life

  • Determine the impact of organized crime and gang activities regarding specific business areas and opportunities

  • Evaluate the physical security of personnel while traveling away from company facilities

  • Outline the kidnap and ransom risk and existing policies pertaining to company personnel

  • Identification and assessment of high-risk/high-threat urban and rural areas

  • Durrant Associates LLC conducts a detailed assessment of training and preparation of at risk personnel


Durrant Associates LLC Provides Facility and Cyber Security/IA Assessment:


  • Assess of the physical security of company facilities and assets

  • Vetting of employees

  • Conduct a bi-yearly or yearly security audit of structures, policy, procedure, and personnel

  • Analysis of internal business policies and their effects on the security of company personnel assets and intellectual property

  • Provides detailed analysis of internal operational procedures and practices regarding efficacy of security measures

  • Durrant Associates LLC also is proud to provide a detailed assessment of computer and communications network policies and procedures in accordance with the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology – Risk Management Framework (NIST-RMF) and International Standards Organization (ISO) 27000 series guidance for cyber security and information assurance (IA) appropriate to inherent risk levels; analysis and recommendations for cyber security risk mitigation strategies, methods and procedures.

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